Dee Fish Speech-Language Therapy Center

provides high quality, individualized

speech and language

evaluation and treatment services.


Located in Northbrook, Illinois, Dee Fish Speech-Language Therapy Center offers speech-language therapy services, including consultations, evaluations, and treatment to children with speech and language challenges. Licensed speech-language pathologist, Margaret (Dee) Fish, specializes in helping children ages 1 year to 21 years who need support to establish better articulation and speech intelligibility, improve receptive and expressive language skills, and improve social language development. She brings extensive experience as a speech-language therapist to address your child's individual needs and concerns. Each client's intervention program is designed to support the unique challenges of the client and carefully evaluated on an ongoing basis to reflect the client's growth and changing needs.

In addition to direct evaluation and treatment services, Ms. Fish is committed to sharing her expertise in children's speech sound disorders by writing books and articles and providing workshops throughout the world. Ms. Fish is a leading expert in the field of speech-language pathology in the area of Childhood Apraxia of Speech and is the author of the book, Here's How to Treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech, now in its Second Edition.  

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900 skokie boulevard     suite 107

northbrook, IL 60062